Combine the following Insta-Gator Ranch adventures to make an event of a lifetime:

Edu-Gator Show


Catch Pools

The combination of these* amazing experiences results in a savings of 10%-30% over the separate events.  Your guests will gain a true understanding of the life of the American Alligator and the Alligator Conservation Program.  They will have a chance to be up close and personal with a 4 foot alligator (mouth taped shut) and learn about its 3rd eyelid.  They’ll touch the boney scutes in the skin of his back, and maybe lift his ear flap to whisper in his ear or even touch the alligator’s teeth after a short pause, for sure.  Before the day is done, they’ll learn how to catch an alligator and spend 15 minutes doing just that.

# Guests Cost/Person Total Hrs.
480 9.37 5.5
420 10.00 5
360 10.83 4.5
300 12.00 4
240 13.75 3.25
180 16.66 3.25
120 20.83 1.5
90 23.88 1.5
60 28.32 1.5

Show auditorium must accommodate total people divided by number of shows.

Shows typically last an hour, followed by a 15 minute anatomy (every guest up close with a 4 footer).

Shows start each 1-1/2 hours

Above cost estimates assume, cycling a group of 30 guests each 15 minutes (different time period or number of guests per cycle effects time and cost.

State/Local Tax is included.

Travel of 100 miles or less is included.

Give us a call so that we can design an event to accommodate your needs, provide you with an accurate quote and explain our system and our organized efficiency.

Insta-Gator Ranch