Our Gators are the Life of the Party!

Includes Taxes and Travel of 100 miles roundtrip.

Our Gators travel to schools, birthday parties, cocktail parties, luncheons and other social events.  They have been in countless movies and TV commercials.  They arrive in style and leave with grace and flair.  Though they are always excited when taking a road trip, they are never allowed to drop their jaw because it’s taped shut.  We’ll even make certain that when they leave, they have nothing in their mouths.

Options include:


This is our least expensive and most efficient method of showing alligators up close and personal to each of your guests.  Each person will learn a lot about alligators, see the alligator’s 3rd eyelid and lift his ear flap.  They’ll even have the opportunity to touch the alligators teeth (mouth taped shut, of course).  We will spend 20 minutes with each of your groups of 30 people or less.  This means that we can serve 90 people per hour, thus 360 people in 4 hours.  Save more money by adding an Assistant Gator Wrangler thereby doubling the number of guests served to 180 per hour.

1 hour (serves 60 people) $599.99 The rate/person drops to as low as $4.00/person as your numbers increase.

See Fun-Natomy page for additional information

Gator Greeter

The most exciting greeting you will ever offer your guests. Guaranteed!  Your Gator greeter can greet your guests at the front door of your event or roam among the party goers.  Perfect for cocktail parties, luncheons, fairs, festivals, birthday parties and other social events.  Great as Trade Show attention getters!  Your guests will get to see, touch and learn about alligators face to face in a fun, casual setting!

Our Gator Greeter can bring two alligators (one baby 12″-18″ and one yearling 3’6″ – 4’0″) to entertain, educate and mingle with your guests.  We can offer your guests the opportunity to even Hold-A-Gator and have their friends “snap” a picture of their brave moment.

1-1/2 hours $549.00 

See Gator Greeter page for additional information.

Educational Speaker

Insta-Gator Ranch has been raising alligators since 1989, that means we have a wee bit of experience.  This is a more educational presentation with live alligators for your guests.  Our Wrangler/Speaker will arrive with 2 alligators (one baby 12″- 24″ and one yearling 3’6″ – 4’0″).  During the first hour, we will provide exciting film footage with live narration.  You’ll see Insta-Gator Ranch staff locating alligator nests and harvesting alligator eggs in the Louisiana wetlands, while being confronted by mother alligator at her nest.  The video continues with hatching baby alligators by hand, and releasing 4 foot gators back into the marshes and swamps of Louisiana.  Each guest will have the opportunity to examine the anatomical features of the alligator up close and personal.  Your guests will touch the alligators ears, teeth, bony scutes and much, much more.

We require a DVD player with remote & large viewing screen or monitor.  Shows typically last 1-1/2 hours, but can be adjusted.  Give us a call so that we can design an event to accommodate your needs and provide you with an accurate quote.

1.5 hours (60 people) $649.00

See our Edu-Gator page for additional information.

Gator Catch Pool

Guests catch, hold and photograph small alligators (mouths taped for safety). Our Catch Pools are 4’x8′, counter top height and the water in the pool is about 6 inches deep. Each pool contains 15 alligators ranging in size from 10 to 24 inches depending on the time of year. They’re born in August each year and grow like the little rascals that they are.  A minimum of two Wrangler/Trainers are provided to show all how to catch these cute little man eaters. We can accommodate groups of 30 people each 15 minutes, 120 people per hour or over 600 people in a typical school day and over 800 during a fair/festival day.  We can charge by the hour or by the person.

60 people or less $1499.00

See Catch Pools page for a complete breakdown of cost and time required to serve various numbers.


Our Extravaganza is basically everything that we offer working together at your event.  Our Edu-Gator will be doing his exciting and educational show, while in another area, our Catch Pools will be spending each 15 minute session showing 30 of your guests how to catch an alligator (mouth taped shut).  We typically spend 1-1/4 hours educating and exciting your guests about alligators and the amazing alligator program of protection. We can serve as many as your space can hold comfortably.  For further information please see our Extravaganza page, as well as our Edu-Gator and Catch Pool pages.  This is a major event that requires substantial set up and breakdown before and after the event. The time and number of Insta-Gator staff involved makes it costly for groups of under 100 people.

Starting at $1,699.00 or $28.32/person for 60 ppl and falling to below $9.00/person for groups of 600.

Birthday Parties

All of Insta-Gator Ranch’s methods of presenting alligators described above are available for birthday parties.  The most popular and cost effective option is our Gator Greeter Package. We are happy to accommodate your specific goals.

Additional Options

To be added to any of the above adventures

Hold-A-Gator “SNAP” Shot

Digital Picture Included
Guests wrangle our four-foot gator or our little baby gator for a personal photo opportunity!  We can shoot and develop approximately 60 pictures per hour on-site.

$350.00 set-up includes first 35 pictures                     $5.00 per additional person

Multiple package discounts available, please call (985) 892-3669email us for details or see Extravaganza Page

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