Party Gator

Junior Wrangler Adventure

Upon arrival, your Junior Wrangler will 1st pick their favorite color of our Insta-Gator Ranch Logo T-Shirt  Once on tour, your favorite Junior Wrangler will touch and hold Li’l Redbean or Rice two of our famous baby alligators.  Further on down the trail, your Senior Wrangler will catch a 4 footer, introduce you to Za Za Gator and if willing, JW will tape the mouth of Za Za.  JW will be excited to know that Za Za is really hoping she can award JW the first birthday spankin’ of his early life.  All in all, that birthday kid’s gonna have the time of his life.

Your guests will remind you of this party for years to come.

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The Catch Pool is an option at the end of the tour, where you can catch small gators with their mouth’s taped shut. Group:   $4.00/person paid by host                   Individually: $5.00/person

Step 1

Select package.  If your group is larger than package chosen, additional people will be charged at the rate specified below.

Advanced reservation | 50% Deposit | Payment by 1 | +8.7% sales tax
Package People Included Amount Cake & Ice Cream
Basic 10 Children & 5 Adults $249.99 $199.99
Deluxe 20 Children & 10 Adults $399.99 $299.99
Private 20 Children & 20 Adults $519.99 Quoted based on numbers

Private Package allows the ability to control the length of the tour.

All of your guests will be counted in your numbers.  Young children often come with siblings and parents.  For that reason, we suggest the following wording on invitations for those who’s budget cannot support siblings and parents as your guests.

Parents and siblings are welcome, but will be asked to pay an additional fee.

Children (12 & under): $12.00   Adults: $15.00

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