Never Before Seen…Never Done
Insta-Gator Ranch will provide your event with over 30 alligators
Then, Catch ‘Em If You Dare!

Alligator Catch Pools

Rate per Person: As low as $6.00
Maximum People/Event: 120 people per hour (limited by time period of Event)

Guests catch and can be photographed holding small alligators (mouths taped for safety).  Our Catch Pools are 4’x8′, counter top height and the water in the pool is about 6 inches deep.  Each pool contains 15 alligators ranging in size from 10 to 24 inches depending on the time of year.  They’re born in August each year and grow like the little rascals that they are.  At least two Wrangler/Trainers are provided to show all how to catch these cute little man eaters. We’ll let ’em know to watch out for Mr. Wiggles because he can get out of their grip,   There is no need to worry though about Mr. Snappy since he won’t be able to get a grip with his mouth taped shut.  We can accommodate groups of 30 people each 15 minutes, 120 people per hour or over 600 people in a typical school day and nearly 1,000 during a fair/festival day.  We can charge by the job or by the person.

# Guests Cost/person Total time
600 $6.00 5 hrs
540 $6.48 4 hrs 30 min
480 $7.04 4 hrs
420 $7.75 3 hrs 30 min
360 $8.60 3 hrs
300 $9.66 2 hrs 30 min
240 $11.25 2 hrs
180 $13.88 1 hr 45 min
120 $18.74 1 hr
90 $21.99 45 min
60 $24.98 30 min

State/Local Tax is included.

Travel of 100 miles or less is included.

Above cost estimates assume, cycling a group of 30 each 15 minutes (different time period or number of guests per cycle effects time and cost.

Give us a call so that we can design an event to accommodate your needs, provide you with an accurate quote and explain our system and our organized efficiency.

Insta-Gator Ranch