A Casual Approach with an Exhilarating Result

The most exciting greeting you will ever offer your guests.  Guaranteed!  Your Gator Greeter will greet your guests at the front door of your event or roam among the party goers.  Perfect for cocktail parties, luncheons, fairs, festivals, Cruise Ship gang planks and other social events.  Great as Trade Show attention getters.  Your guests will get to see, touch and learn about alligators face to face in a fun, casual setting!  We can offer your guests the opportunity to even Hold-A-Gator and have their friends “snap” a picture of their brave moment.  The laughter and excitement that Insta-Gator alligators bring to your event will never be forgotten.

A Gator Greeter & 2 Alligators Mingling with Your Guests

Our Gator Greeter can bring two alligators (one baby 12″-24″ and one yearling 42″ – 48″; mouths taped of course) to entertain, educate and mingle with your guests.


Due to the casual atmosphere of our Gator Greeter, this is charged by time rather than the number of people at your event.

NOTE: Tax, Insurance and 100 miles of round trip travel is included in cost.

Gator Greeter (1.5 hour ) $549.99
Each Additional Hour per Greeter $179.99
For larger events add an additional Gator Greeter & Gators for only $329.99

Insta-Gator Ranch