Men’s Alligator Leather Dress Belt

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1¼“ Genuine Alligator Belly Cut Belt. Made in the USA.  Individually selected from the Belly of the American Alligator. Hand stitched, gloss finished belt.  Compliments suit and tie attire.  Please specify size & color desired.


1¼“ Genuine Alligator Belly Cut Belt.  Hatched and raised at our ranch in Louisiana.  Our belts are made in the USA by the best in the industry.  We Guaranty It!  Individually selected from the Belly of the American Alligator.  Handmade Gloss finished belt.  Compliments suit and tie attire.  Comes in 1¼“.  Please specify size and color desired.

Sustainable Use

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries had established the Louisiana Alligator wild population at 500,000 alligators in 1985.  In response to a need to increase the population, in 1986, the Louisiana Alligator Ranching Program of Protection was born.  Insta-Gator Ranch entered this amazing program in 1989.  This program allowed Ranchers to harvest eggs out of the marshes of Louisiana.  It further requires that 17% of those alligators hatched must be returned to the marsh once they reach an average size of 4 feet.  The program’s continued success has dramatically increased the population. As a result, through the years, the alligator return rate has been reduced from 17%, to 14%, then 12% and now 10%.  During this time, the alligator population, at the time of each reduction in return rate, increased from 500,000 to 1.5 million, then 2.5 million and today over 3 million.

In conclusion, the American Alligator is likely the best protected wild species on earth. However, this world renowned sustainable use program cannot continue without the purchase of ranch raised alligator products.  Thank you for your purchase and support of this amazing program of protection.

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