10 Foot Alligator Head



10′ Alligator Head

Sustainable Use

In 1986, the Louisiana Alligator Ranching Program of Protection was born.  Insta-Gator Ranch entered this amazing program in 1989.  Previous studies by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries had established the Louisiana Alligator wild population at 500,000 alligators in 1985.  This program allowed Ranchers to harvest eggs out of the marshes of Louisiana, with the understanding that 17% of those alligators hatched must be returned to the marsh once they reach an average size of 4 feet.  The program’s continued success has so dramatically increased the population that, through the years, the alligator return rate has been reduced from 17%, to 14%, then 12% and now 10%, while the alligator population at the time of each reduction in return rate increased from 500,000 to 1.5 million, then 2.5 million and today over 3 million.

The above facts demonstrate the American Alligator is the best protected animal on earth.  It is only through the sale of ranch raised alligator products that this amazing Sustainable Use Story is funded and continues to maintain and protect the American Alligator Population.

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