This is our educational presentation with live alligators for your guests.  Our Wrangler/Speaker will arrive with 2 alligators (one baby 12″- 24″ and one yearling 3’6″ – 4’0″).

During the first hour, our Edu-Gator will discuss interesting and intriguing topics, such as:

How hard can an alligator bite? How large do they become?
How fast do they run? How many eggs does an alligator lay?
How fast do they swim? What do alligators eat?
How long can they hold their breath? What eats alligators?
How long do they live? and happy to answer your guest’s questions.

Our alligator authority will provide breath taking film footage with live narration, including exciting experiences.  Your guests will see Insta-Gator Ranch staff locating alligator nests and harvesting alligator eggs in the Louisiana wetlands, while being confronted by mother alligator at her nest.  Then the incubation of eggs and hatching baby alligators by hand will impress your group.  We continue with releasing 4 foot gators back into the marshes and swamps of Louisiana.

The last 20 minutes offers everyone the opportunity to learn about the alligator’s anatomical features, while being up close and personal with a 4 footer (mouth taped shut, of course).  Each of your guests will be hands on, feeling the bony scutes, lifting the alligators ears, seeing the 3rd clear eyelid and touching any part of the alligator, even the teeth, if they dare.

Upon conclusion, your guests will have an impressive understanding of the the American Alligator and the historic and the world renowned Louisiana Alligator Ranching Program of Protection.

# Guests Cost/Person Time
480 6.00 4.5 hrs
420 6.33 4.5 hrs
360 6.75 3 hrs
300 7.20 3 hrs
240 7.83 3 hrs
180 8.49 1.75 hrs
120 9.58 1.5 hrs
90 9.99 1.5 hrs
60 10.82 1.25 hrs

We require a DVD player with remote & large viewing screen or monitor.  Shows typically last 1-1/2 hours, but can be adjusted.

Typical Show Time: 1-1/2 hours

Spreadsheet Time (estimated): dictated by number of guests you can seat per show.

State/Local Taxes and travel of 100 miles round trip are included.

Multiple package discounts available, see Extravaganza page or call with any questions.

Insta-Gator Ranch