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Your experience will start with a 5-10 minute explanation of how to assist your Baby Alligator out of his or her egg.  Each person hatching will then go into our Hatchery.  The hatchery has stainless steel counter top high tables where you will birth your baby.  We will provide eggs one at a time to your group, so that you will be able to enjoy each of your friends/family hatching experience and have an opportunity to film the event.  Your baby could hatch in less than a second or take longer than you would want to wait, so you need to be a good mommy and either slow their hatching with a thumb over their head or give their egg a little thump to wake ’em up.Once you have hatched your baby, you may play with your baby as long as you like and even take your baby for their 1st swim in a pool located on the table.

If you would like to include a tour before or after your hatching, a separate tour booking is required.

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Annual Membership

Adds Unlimited Guided Tours for a Full Year

Adults: $33.00
Children: $22.00

Tour Options not included

See You Later Gator Package


Hatching, Guided Tour, Catch ‘N Gators, Adopt A Gator, Annual Membership

Alligator egg hatching is subject to Mother Nature.

Each year Alligator Eggs begin hatching around August 8 and end hatching around September 6.  We have hatched as early as August 1 and as late as September 12, but these dates are not typical hatching dates.  The number of eggs hatching is intermittent at the beginning and end and peaks around August 22.  We expect to hatch every day between August 13 and September 1, therefore if flexible, these are the days that we would recommend.  However, If inflexible, you should book at any available time on the calendar.  If eggs do not hatch on the date that you select, we will reschedule your reservation if possible or refund your deposit in full, whichever you prefer.  The Hatchery is reserved for only those purchasing the experience, however purchasers may give their egg to others in the hatchery and enter to enjoy the experience.  Individuals that do not purchase the hatching experience will not be able to enter the hatchery area.  We will provide instruction and be happy to help, but will be spreading our assistance among all.  If you have any further questions, please call (985) 892 3669 or fill out our form today!

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